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You can reach entrepreneurs who are looking for Internet-based money-making opportunities through We've got several ways you can advertise with us.

1. Ezine Advertising

Our email-based newsletter goes out to people who have specifically asked to be on our list. These subscribers want to hear about InternetSucccessStories and they want to hear about your business offers. With Ezine advertising you don't have to worry about flames and complaints because you are not sending SPAM (unsolicited email). Subscribers expect and want to see your offers.

Each issue will contain several SuccessStories, plus several ads from other entrepreneurs like yourself.

To order advertising, go to our Advertising Order Form.

2. Banner Advertising

You can run your banner ad in thousands of places on the Net, but you must target your ads to achieve any real success. If your target market is entrepreneurs who want to learn about how to succeed on or off the Internet, then you need to advertise on

Here's the breakdown of costs for your banners:

Banner Impressions Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Total Cost
10,000 $15.00 $150.00
25,000 $14.00 $350.00
50,000 $13.00 $650.00
100,000 $12.00 $1,200.00

To order advertising, go to our Advertising Order Form.

3. Sell-Your-Successful-Web-Site Advertising

If you have a successful web site that you would like to sell, you can place your ad right on this web site, where people are coming to find great success stories and ideas. Go here for more detailed information about this type of ads.

To order advertising, go to our Advertising Order Form.


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